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Welcome to our whimsical world! Partner with us for enchanting letter writing supplies, spellbinding planners, and charming cash budgeting tools. Join our community of creative dreamers, ignite inspiration, and collaborate on magical projects. Let's make your journey an unforgettable adventure!

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Our Facebook Group is generally where we post sneak peeks, live events, special sales/codes, extra freebies and where we continue to build a community of like-minded individuals to share spreads/products/products in use, etc.

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What is Divine Well Designs Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassadors believe in the products we put out at Divine Well Designs, believe in our brand and want to help promote and spread the word about us. Our Brand Ambassadors are active within one or more of the communities we belong to. Additionally, Our brand ambassadors believe in supporting small businesses and love helping us grow.

What are the Benefits of Being a Brand Ambassador?

Each carefully selected brand ambassador will receive a welcome package, discount code for you to share with family/friends/social media, a special code for you to use yourself on your personal purchases, and the opportunity to sit on our advisory panel meetings 1-2 times a month.

Who Can Become a Brand Ambassador?

Anyone active in our community, over the age of 18, and has a passion for sharing the amazing products we put out. You must have public accounts/profiles on social media and active on at least 2 of our main social media platforms (FB/IG/TT/Twitch/YT)

What are the Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador?

Each Brand Ambassador is expected to share all Divine Well Designs posts/stories/promotions, post at least once a week content related to Divine Well Designs products and tag us, share and promote your discount code in approved groups and posts. We would also like each brand ambassador to attend at least 1 advisory panel meeting each month to stay up to date with current happenings, upcoming products, and to help make future business decisions/suggestions.

What Platforms do we need to use/be on?

We only ask you are active on at least 2 platforms that we use for social media so that we can have a good mix of exposure across platforms without overwhelming the public. We are looking to gain followers on all platforms,

- Facebook Group
- Instagram
- TikTok
- Twitch
- YouTube

How are Ambassadors Chosen?

Given that Divine Well Designs has a wide range of interests/product categories, we are looking to have active Brand Ambassadors in each category to assist in growing the business organically in all areas.

- Letter Writing / Pen Pals
- Planning
- Journaling
- Bible Journaling
- Scripture Study
- Cash Budgeting / Savings Challenges

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